CCMA Estuary Watch Day 3

Citizen Science Platypus Search Day

A day at Rice Reserve, Mt Duneed as part of the Great Australian Platypus Search. This day is part of one of the biggest Citizen Scientist projects in the world, where a comprehensive mapping of the platypus in Australia is being undertaken.

Rice Reserve is found on the Horseshoebend Road section of Thompson Creek, further inland from where the creek meets the sea at Breamlea. Thompson Creek is a significant estuary with vulnerable fish, birds and vegetation present. it also holds cultural significance.

CCMA Estuary Watch Day 4
Learning how to take samples for DNA study *



Water samples were taken from the creek so as to assist in the Citizen Science project to map out platypus locations. The samples were sent for DNA testing to not only find out if any platypus are present, the testing also determines if any invertebrates , fish or turtles may be present. Samples were also taken from Dans Reserve and Spring Creek.

CCMA Estuary Watch Day 2
Samples of invertebrate inhabitants







CCMA Estuary Watch Day 1
Water testing *



Water samples were also taken by members of the Breamlea Estuary Watch group as part of their regular checks into the health of the creek. This occurs so that any changes can be recorded to give both a history of water quality and serve as an alert system for any issues that might be occurring in the creek. Estuary Watch is part of the Corangamite CMA water quality management program.



If you would like to know more about The Great Australian Platypus Search, you can visit their webpage here:

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  • All photos credited to Murray Johns