Fungi - Alison Pouliot

How fungi helps ecosystems function

Torquay and District Landcare Group has over the last three years been working with Fungi expert and professional photographer Alison Pouliot to present workshops that stress the ecological significance of fungi.

Alison has posed the question ‘what are all those fungi doing out there in the landscape and how do they help ecosystems function?’ She has gone on to explain how fungi provide soil architecture through their expansive scaffolds of mycelia that bind soils. How they aerate soils by creating spaces between particles, making it inhabitable for other organisms such as invertebrates. Their tapestries of mycelia also allow the gentle percolation of water to deeper soil horizons. Alison emphasises how maintaining a diversity of fungi is key to resilient ecosystems and the critical role Landcare can play in ensuring the survival of Australia’s unique and diverse fungi.