TDLG - Jan Juc Creek 1

Jan Juc Creek with the RACV team – September 2021

RACV and TDLG got together to plant 700 seedlings, plants, and trees/shrubs with protective guards. The Shire will add further mulch and be able to mow/spray as required.

Well it has been a busy few days for the TDLG Committee and some of our members as the easing of restrictions meant the RACV and Quiksilver plantings could go ahead, as well as the Bunnings BBQ fundraiser.

Tuesday could have started with the song ’Oh what a beautiful morning!’ as we were greeted with clear sunny skies and no wind.

Our planting site just off Domain Road was essentially the other end of the strip from our 2019 planting.

Gabrielle (SCS) Simon (contractor) Jack and Grace (environmental students) were early at the site, to start setting out the plants, stakes and guards and begin firing up the augurs ready to dig the holes.

We set up the TDLG equipment and registration table close to the path near the first planting location. This happened to be close to the garden exit for one of the house that backed onto the creek. Owner Anne came out to greet us and very kindly offered us access to the toilet in her garden cabin. Much appreciated before the end of the planting!

Just after 9.00am the RACV team started to arrive and were soon into action. Many had been part of the 2019 planting or had garden/landscaping roles with the organisation so they were more than able.

Soon plants, stakes and guards were flying into position and it was time to break up the old mulch piles and start covering the ground. Site one meant breaking up jumps obviously built by the local children as they entertained themselves at various stages during lockdowns and restrictions.

With so many people working in the area we obviously attracted local attention, and it was really encouraging to have walkers, runners etc stop ask a few questions and say thank you for our efforts. Many commenting on the 2019 planting and how beautiful the area now looked.

By the end of the morning 700 seedlings were in the ground, the plants at the perimeter, and the trees/shrubs protected by guards, where as the reeds or grasses were just identified by a single stake. The Shire will add further mulch and be able to mow/spray as required.

Lunch generously provided by the RACV was eagerly consumed as pizzas from Il Matto filled the air with beautiful aromas.

Tired, well fed and satisfied with the mornings work it was time to pack up and go our separate ways.

Thank you to Bowen (RACV) and his team, Gabrielle (SCS), Simon, Jake and Grace for assisting with the organisation before and on the day, and member Graeme for helping to coordinate the activities on the day.

Now looking forward to a more ’normal’ 2022.