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Moriac Primary School planting day

Dear TDLG memberOn Tuesday morning the TDLG and the grade 5 and 6 students of Moriac Primary School found themselves back at the Surf Coast Shire’s offset site out at Lake Modewarre.We had 400 seedlings, a mixture of Black Sheoak, Drooping Sheoak, Black Wattle, Blackwood, and Hopbush Varnish Wattle to get into the ground.Gabrielle (Surf Coast Shire) had Aiden and Kristen working with her to pre-drill the holes and lay out the stakes, guards, and plants. The TDLG Team, arrived with the trailer and with the help of Martina from Bunnings, unloaded all the equipment and gear ready for registration, planting (trowels, mallets, gloves), and importantly for the adults filling the urn for tea and coffee.Before the students appeared Emma and Kate arrived. The plan to video Emma planting a few trees to help advertise ‘Plant a Tree Day’ on the Bunnings social media platforms.The students arrived and after having fuelled themselves with their ‘play morning tea’ it was time for more detailed introductions and explanation of the day. Caitlin went through everything with the students and asked the question why trees? Hands were soon up, and answers provided. ‘They give us air’, ‘They give us oxygen’ They are homes’, ’They help other plants grow’, ‘They bring mushrooms’. This was a group who clearly had a good understanding of what we were doing and the contribution our efforts were going to make.Then it was time to gather the equipment (thank you Bunnings for the gloves) and head to the planting site.Once again the weather had been relatively kind to us. It was not raining and the there was little wind, the ground thought was a very different to the mud of last year. Even though we have had some recent rain the soil was quite dry.It was not long after a demonstration on how to plant a seedling without damaging its roots, or burying it too deep, that the students were into action.This is always the exciting part as there is plenty of chatter and laughter.As the work was going on the Torquay Rotary trailer appeared on site driven by Bruce, and then others arrived.Lunch was soon being prepared, and watermelon sliced. (Thank you to Peachs Torquay and Terry)Thank you to Pam and helper Arlo, Maggie, Rhonda, Greg, and John, your contribution ensures we can focus on the planting and the participants always appreciate hot food.By noon the plants were in and even had a layer of mulch around the outside of each guard, so it was time to gather all the equipment, return it to the trailer, wash hands and get into line.Plenty of please and thank you’s could be heard as the students collected lunch and found a spot to sit, eat, and chat to friends.For the staff and TDLG crew lunch and a tea or coffee was, most welcome.These events are quite inspiring for many, as they emphasise how a few can make a difference, and importantly demonstrate to the younger generation that they can make a valuable contribution.Thank you to everyone involved in the day. Gabrielle for organising and preparing the site, Rotary for lunch and those enthusiastic smiles, TDLG members (Heather, Joy, Graeme,) for helping to organise the students, encourage them, and supervise their efforts, Moriac PS for joining with us, and being so enthusiastic. Martina (Bunnings) for helping with the set and clean up, as well as working with the students.Lake Modewarre is a not often thought of, but if you want a walk, have a picnic, or go bird watching, you should think about this area. It really is another gem.Best wishes fromyour TDLG Committee


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