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RACV Jan Juc Creek planting August 2022

Tree planting at Carnarvon Avenue reserve in Jan Juc as part of the RACV tree planting project.

The days before Tuesday the 16th August 2022 had been cold wet and windy. Was this what we were going to have to contend with for our RACV Jan Juc Creek planting?

Fortunately, the skies cleared and though cold the sites at the junction of Carnarvon and Hoylake Avenues were soon being prepared for action.

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TDLG had been approached several months earlier to see if we could organize a planting for the Melbourne Office of the RACV. Discussions with the Surf Coast Shire identified the area just to the east of the Carnarvon and Hoylake Avenues and close to the golf course as ideal. The work here would continue the revegetation of the Jan Juc Creek.

The Shire had seedlings and TDLG contributed, meaning there were 1400 ready to go into the ground across 3 sites.

Gabrielle had the locations sprayed, and mulch plus more mulch, delivered to the location.

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The RACV offices of Melbourne and Torquay organised their staff, refreshments and kindly donated extra bins and mallets to TDLG. The original number travelling from Melbourne was expected to be about 50 and with TDLG members plus others it was certainly going to be action stations. As with most things nowadays we must accept and adapt to our current circumstances and the numbers were closer to 40 with a total of 54 ready to help.

With the bus parked breakfast packs closed, gloves, beanies, and jackets on, equipment laid out, it was time for introductions, splitting the team into three groups and sending them off with trowel or mallet to been shown how to plant and stake the seedlings. Having several experienced TDLG members meant everyone had a close-up view of how to plant and most importantly get those guards in nice and tight.

Morning tea was delivered just as the groups were starting to show signs of dropping their energy levels and everyone enjoyed the large slice of cake and a drink. The chatter amongst everyone reflected the enthusiasm shown in taking on the tasks. but it was not long before it was a case of back into action. The plants flew into the ground and by lunchtime most, apart from the areas set aside for the wheelbarrows to travel, were filled with plants.

The wind was starting to strengthen but with the sun out the cooling effect was appreciated.

Lunch appeared, individual packs some named as they catered for the various dietary requirements but for the majority it was three French stick rolls filled one with chicken one ham and another smoked salmon, along with a piece of fruit and a health bar. This was something to be enjoyed and the group settled for a longer break and chat.

As said with most of the plants now in the ground it was time to tackle the mulch piles. The plan was to cover each area in a good layer so that weeds could be suppressed, and moisture retained. The energy levels after a good lunch where high and wheelbarrows, bins and buckets were soon flowing round the sites.

Just before 2.00pm everything was, apart from a couple of those original wheelbarrow lanes, planted, guarded were necessary and mulched. A sight that was certainly pleasing having heard the morning news re the 2022 State of the Environment Report. Everyone could appreciate that this was a very small contribution, but it does mount up and make a difference. The plantings should not only improve the appearance of the area, increase habitat for birds, frogs, and insects, but in a stream that is ephemeral assist in preventing erosion and hopefully hold back the litter from our ocean.

Thank you to everyone involved. It was a huge day but the enthusiasm, as the clean-up took place, emitting from tired and sore bodies was infectious.

Thank you to Gabrielle (SCS) and her team for the prep work, getting those holes drilled and staying back to finish spreading even more much

TDLG members Cath, Graeme, Joy, Judy, Julie, Noel, your assistance was invaluable in keeping everyone on task and answering questions.

The RACV team Torquay (in particular Bowen) for coordinating everything in particular our refreshments.

The RACV team Melbourne (Lisa) for the work you achieved, the cheerful way you did it, and the result that will certainly be appreciated by the Jan Juc community.

A great result for teamwork, passion, and the environment.

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