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RACV Jan Juc Creek Planting day

Another planting day with RACV, from the Torquay branch this time, along the Jan Juc Creek.

Once again TDLG was looking to the skies and wondering if the day was going to bring wind and heavy rain. The days before our Jan Juc planting had been cold, wet, and windy, in general looking very miserable for our two days of planting along Jan Juc Creek with the team from Torquay RACV.
The plan was day 1 to plant 400 seedlings along the creek just north of Matlock Court, and then another 400 on day 2 returning to last year’s location east of Domain Road between Dunkeith and Alexandra Avenues.
Once again, the weather gods looked after us, and though there was, on both days, the occasional shower around lunchtime, we were essentially very fortunate, and did not have to seek jackets or shelter.
The groups on both days were small in number but the enthusiasm and expertise was in surplus. To describe seedlings as flying into the ground would not be too much of an exaggeration. By morning tea 350 plants were in, staked, and where they acted as a perimeter guarded.
Day 1 then focussed on watering the plants! Yes, though we have been experiencing regular showers the soil under the surface layer was dry. Buckets were filled from the creek and each plant had a drink. As holes were being drilled in an area to the west for the final 50 seedlings others in the team took on the challenge of removing swaths of oxalis weed around seedlings and along the edge of the pathway. The final seedlings in place and it was time to gather for lunch. Boxes containing a variety of Il Matto pizza’s were soon being enjoyed by all.
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Day 2 was similar with most of the seedlings in the ground by morning tea. On this occasion watering was not a concern as the ground was very wet and muddy. The last ones went in and then everyone packed up and moved to the Hoylake and Carnarvon Avenue site. This was the location where the Melbourne RACV team had planted 1400 seedlings back in July. The task this time was to completely mulch the ground at one of the sites. Wheelbarrows, plastic bins, mulch forks appeared and once again progress was rapid, and the area soon covered in a thick layer of mulch. Lunch was sent down by the RACV kitchen, and there was as with the day before more than enough for everyone. Gourmet burgers, salad, and if still hungry sausages in baguette slices. We are certainly very well catered for!
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These events require the effort and commitment from a few people and organisations, without whom we would not be able to make our small contribution to improving the biodiversity and ecology of the region.
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Thank you to Gabrielle (SCS) for organising plants, guards, preparing the sites, and keeping us all on track.
Simon and Grace for setting up the sites, drilling all the holes, packing up and doing anything else that was required when not using the augers.
Bryce and the RACV crew, this has been our third year of working together (SCS, TDLG), and from the comments made by the numerous locals walking their dog, pushing a pram, power walking, or generally enjoying a mornings exercise, the efforts are certainly appreciated. Having the ground crew attend in force certainly upped the time and quality of the planting. The team always seems to enjoy getting out into the community, and the chatter during the event is lighthearted, and positive. Hope we can work together in 2023.
TDLG members thank you for joining us, helping with the set up and the most important clean up. Having everyone involved means nothing is missed, and the pressure reduced.
Another successful planting and now we prepare for Moriac Primary School on Friday 9th September at Lake Modewarre.
Best wishes
From Your TDLG Committee
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