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Serrated Tussock Watch

A noxious weed of national significance, serrated tussock is now one of the most serious problems of the south west, west and central grazing areas in Victoria. Over the years a number of farmers have found themselves in financial difficulty because the tussock has substantially reduced their livestock carrying capacity.

Serrated Tussock Watch - YouTube Screenshot

If left untreated, serrated tussock will rapidly replace native tussocks and grasses and seriously reduce the agricultural capacity of the affected land. In fact, serrated tussock is regarded as the weed which causes greater reductions in carrying capacity than any other plant in Australia.

Serrated Tussock begins seeding around  August and can continue to seed through to March.  One plant has the potential to produce over 100,000 wind-borne seeds, travelling over 20km in distance. The Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network (SCIPN) offers free extension and education to landholders through property visits, written material and field days.

For a free property visit to help you identify Serrated Tussock and discuss management options, please contact Mandy Coulson, SCIPN landcare co-ordinator on 03 52 661707 or 0429 483 691.