TDLG - Spring Creek 2021 - Looking South

Spring Valley Playground and Bike Park planting with the Quiksilver team

Quiksilver, TDLG members, and the community come together annually to plant seedlings along both sides of the riparian strip.

Thursday greeted us with strong winds and plenty of rain, was Friday going to be the same, and mean wet weather clothes, and rain seeping down our backs.

The morning started with low cloud and drizzle but a quick check on the BOM site showed this should pass before we were due to start.

8.00am and Gabrielle (SCS), Simon (Contractor) and Jake (Environmental student) were on site, once again ensuring plants, guards and stakes were at each location.

By 8.30am the TDLG team had set up base, at the Spring Valley Playground, taking advantage of the BBQ’s, toilet facilities, table and seats, to lay out the registration documents, as well as the morning tea and lunch supplies.

The Quiksilver team stared arriving after 9.00am and with nearly everyone on site it was time to walk up to the look out to remind ourselves of our earlier years’ of work. It was 2018 when TDLG (TLG then) received a Federal Government ‘Caring for our Country’ grant of $17,000+ to start the revegetation of Spring Creek. Quiksilver came on board and every year (excluding 2020 COVID) they along with TDLG members and the Community have yearly planted roughly 1000 seedlings along both sides of the riparian strip. So far the total is 14,400 seedlings.

Inspired by the changes and the impact it is having on the biodiversity of the area, and general aesthetics, it was now time to get our hands dirty and get some plants in the ground.

After the morning drizzle the day had cleared, the sun came out and soon everyone was shedding layers of clothes as they moved up and down the planting slopes.

This year the Quiksilver team was spilt into two groups with the more experienced planters heading off to the VACSAL site west of Duffields Road. Here 140 Bellarine Yellow Gums were to be planted  and protected by wallaby guards. These metal guards take quite a bit of effort to construct and install so it really was a team effort to get each seedling in the ground. Graeme Stockton, Murray Johns and Graeme Biggins coordinating and organising everything on site.

Morning tea of coffee/tea /juice and cakes/slices at the playground for half the team, and then Terry (Committee member) headed off to provide refreshments for those on the slopes off Duffield.

The playground group having completed their first site then moved on to another which was slightly to the north of our base.

By lunchtime everything was in the ground, and where needed guarded. Time to sit back reflect on the mornings work, have a chat, enjoy a BBQ lunch and generally relax.

Another very successful day, and considering the ups and downs of the year one everyone can be proud of.

Thank you to Bakers Delight, Coles and Peaches for your support on the day in supplying refreshments, we certainly do appreciate it.

Thank you also to Gabrielle, Simon, Jake, TDLG Committee and members, and most importantly the Quiksilver/Boardriders team led by Eve.

Let’s now look forward to 2022.